APPSC deserves Oscar

Dear Editor,
I am a student who has not appeared the APPSCCE because i am yet to graduate. But today I have a doubt whether i will be able to qualify the state civil service exam in the time to come.
And I can say many budding students of the state suffer the same fate of low self esteem today. Not because we lack that caliber to qualify this exam but because selection process is undoubtedly not trustworthy.
Things happening these days are not a new story. If we count the number of illegal and unfair practices of the institute, many will agree with me. They deserve an Oscar award for the title of most un-trustable institute in the whole country. I predict that there will be a day where a candidate might clear the UPSC but would not clear the state civil service exam.
I enjoy the rational view of the picture. And this is high time we should unite and raise our voice together and put an end to this iniquitous practice of APPSC.
I think that all the students of the state irrespective of qualified or disqualified appeared or not appeared should join the commerce students in the legal battle against the Commission.
To all the qualified students who are plotting against any move against the APCS, I have a doubt whether they will really serve the state after becoming an APCS officer when they dont have the guts to fight against the illegitimate practice of the Commission.
I do understand that people have sacrificed time and money for this exam and the exam has already been delayed a lot.
But they should know that change is not that easy. It takes sacrifice and dedication to bring a change. But who is ready to sacrifice?
We can’t keep on waiting for change to happen.
A Student