Let it be a continues process

After conducting the in service training for the teachers of the government run schools of capital complex, the capital district administration have started process of holding periodic test for the students. A common question paper has been set up for this centralized periodic test. It is part of the measure to improve the results of the Govt School. In this year’s CBSE examination government schools across the state performed very poorly. The poor result has forced state government to look into the functioning of the schools.
The decision to conduct periodic test of students is a welcome measure. It will help to assess the progress of the students. The students of private school perform better in comparison to Govt School because they conduct regular tests and it keeps everyone including children, teachers and parents on tenterhook. Hopefully now the same enthusiasm will be witnessed in the government schools. The administration should use result of periodic tests to determine the weakness and strengths of the schools. Those schools performing better should be extended strong support so that they keep getting better. On the other hand the schools that performs poorly need to be handled with care and dedication. The measures like conducting periodic test for students and training for in service teachers are welcomed and should be supported. However it should be continues process and not just a knee jerk reaction. Also the capital administration should conduct literary event like debate and seminar among the government schools. This will make students more competitive and develop healthy competition.