Hardworking and deserving ones in mains

Dear Editor,
Last time I wrote one letter where I stated that it’s impossible to accommodate all the 22k aspirants to the Main exam of APPSCCE. The commission should understand that there will be more complain and petitioners from non qualifier side if they keep entertaining each and everyone.
The denizens and system of Arunachal must understand that those who have qualified for the main are all hardworking and deserving one.
The joy of clearing the first level of prestigious exam is just fading away day by day due to many dramas and weakness of our system. Moreover the qualifiers who are in service finding it difficult to apply for leave and on the other hand young qualifiers are putting their money on coaching, rents etc in probability.
Recently, one associate professor from RGU along with some so called deprived aspirants demanded for introduction of CSAT and re-conduct of preliminary exam.
We welcome the idea of CSAT which will bring all the aspirants on to common platform but may be from next time. They also complain that many anomalies were there, like copy pasting from various sources.
My question is, what they want to convey? If they are saying that copy pasting makes the paper easy, then why they are not in the qualified list?
To our understanding whether it is copy pasted or not, in either case, one has to cover the entire syllabus. And I believe the so called deprived aspirants forgot to do that. I advise the non qualifier to let it go and start preparing for next exam and at the same time request genius people from various institutes to stop encouraging wrong issues, it won’t give them recognition but bring shame.
We support all those aspirants who are not in the merit list due to human error made by commission if any. I wish for their early justice.
We are completely against violation of fundamental rights of any genuine deprived aspirants. In the same manner, we want the system to respect and safeguard fundamental rights of qualified aspirants too. We will waste no time to reach court if there is any compromise.
Qualified aspirant