Let us concentrate

Dear Editor,
First of all, my commendations to you and your daily for covering more local stories than the other papers.
But, recently what I have seen is that your daily is unnecessarily dragging on the APPSC court case issue. With your article, which is not actually a news item; especially 13.09.18 edition (front page), you are disturbing and creating uncertainty among the mains qualified aspirants.
You are requested not to cover such articles. Yes, if there is some progress in the case or the court has observed something, you may cover it but, not opinions or what the petitioner advocate is going to do. It seems very silly for an experienced daily like yours.
Once again, please do not drag the issue out of proportion when it is not there, till now, I believe, as most of the concerns have been met out. Let mains qualified aspirants concentrate on exam.
An aspirant