DDSE criticized over poorly functioning schools

[ Karyir Riba ]

ROING, Sep 16: Expressing resentment over the functioning of the government-run educational institutions in Dibang Valley district, the All Idu Mishmi Students’ Union (AIMSU) has said it holds the DDSE solely responsible for the “artificial” problems faced by the students.
“Almost all the government schools in Dibang Valley lack in infrastructure, up to the extent that their dilapidated conditions are beyond repair,” the union said, adding that there is “acute shortage of books, desks and benches in all the schools.”
It also expressed concern over the implementation of the midday meal programme in the district. According to the AIMSU, no nutritious food supplements, like eggs, pulses, potatoes and vegetables, are being provided to the children.
“Going totally against the norms, only plain rice is being provided, that too only sometimes because of ‘shortage’,” it said.
The student body also informed that the schools are faced with alarming irregularity among the teachers.
“The problems exist so persistently that the government residential school in Angolin has remained closed for a couple of weeks because of absence of teachers posted at the school,” it said.
It said many of the schools do not even maintain a register for recording teachers’ presence, and that most of the teachers remain engaged in other personal commitments instead of coming to school to perform their duties as teachers.
“All these shortfalls in the education system in Dibang valley district is due to the utter negligence of the DDSE, who, ironically, is himself absent from the district most of the time,” the AIMSU said.
The union, whose members visited various schools and departmental offices of the district in August, also expressed objection to the culture of absenteeism among most of the HoDs of various departments.
“This practice of these HoDs will only hamper and deter the development of the area,” it said.