Let us use simple and plain English

Dear Editor,
It is in response to the DC, Capital Complex’s notification in the wake of incessant rain caused disaster in and around the State Capital. The notification was extremely an important one and a timely help to the helpless victims. But there is a problem in the form and the style of the language in the notification. It was full of official and legal sounding words viz. whereas, vide, herein, herewith etc. The sentences were lengthy and unnecessarily passive. Although the said notification was for the victims, it was almost impossible for the majority of the victims to fully understand it. Unless some highly educated persons explain it to them about what the notification says.
Majority of the population are still uneducated or simply a literate. Even the simple plain English would be a problem for them to understand. Hence, use of plain and simple English in communication with the people has become necessary in the State. And surely it will serve objective of the administration and the government.
Take the example of India’s legal system. Because of use of complicated words and language in the legal system in our country; the system is inaccessible to the masses even after the Government’s best effort to make it accessible to all.
It is also important to mention that the USA and the England, their English are taken as two international standard form of the English language. Interestingly in both the countries, use of plain and simple English is the rule in the Government and the public communication. Simply the reason is for the public interest.
The goal of the Government is the welfare of its people. But this goal can be achieved if the welfare programmes undertaken by it are communicated to the people in a language, the people can understand. Otherwise, the goal would be lost despite the best intention.
Therefore, State Government must start a new guideline for use of simple and plain English in its all official or public dealing so that the people whom it is intended for is able to understand what is their Government is saying. It will make effort of the government easier to secure its goal, welfare and development of the people.
Ratan Nongkin,