Flood helpline

Dear Editor,
I found the help line number 057 in the newspaper during the flood that hit the capital. Immediately I dialed and one lady picked it up.
I informed her that the recent flood had damaged my household items and I asked her if her department could be of any help to me.
She asked me for location. When I told her that it is in Press Colony, Papunalah, then she rudely replied that in press colony, no homes were damaged by flood.
When I told her that no homes were damaged but water entered my home damaging household belongings, she told me that department will only compensate if there is loss of life or if a house is washed away. She said that for minor damages, the sum provided is Rs 3000. She did not hear my complaints but started to tell me about guidelines.
My only request to the department is that please be polite and kind. Aggrieved people call because there is a reason to call. A responsible officer should have some patience and should hear the grievances of the people.
Yana Rangmo
Flood affected victim
Press colony