Tirap DDSE conducts unannounced visits to various schools

KHONSA, Sep 19: Tirap DDSE Pubi Lombi paid surprise visit to various government schools in order to ensure teachers and students’ regularity in their duties and classes in Tirap district.
Attending the morning assembly at the government secondary school in Lazu on Tuesday, Lombi advised teachers and students to be punctual in their duties and classes to bring good results in the academic session.
Later, on the same day, he visited Lonyen, Noglo and upper primary school, Barap. He inspected the school infrastructure, records and interacted with students regarding the academic progress.
On 15 September, the DDSE visited the government secondary school at Thinsa and government primary schools Sanliam and Kheti.
The DDSE also visited the government higher secondary school at Khonsa on 14 September and Deomali government higher secondary school and residential school at Bogapani on 13 September, government town secondary school, Khonsa on 12 September and government higher secondary school, Borduria and government primary school, Khonsa village on 11 September and interacted with students and teachers.
During his surprise visits to the schools, the DDSE motivated both teachers and students about the importance of education and also emphasized on maintaining health and hygiene. (DIPRO)