DDSE clarifies

ITANAGAR, Sep 19: Reacting to the news item, “DDSE criticized over poorly functioning schools” published in this daily, Anini’s deputy director of School Education on Wednesday clarified that no fund was allocated for school infrastructure during his tenure for which he can be blamed.
He claimed that the school buildings can be maintained only if sufficient fund is provided to district from the state government. “Unless the fund is accorded by the Finance department, the DDSE cannot manage it,” he said.
Regarding the issue of teachers’ irregularities, the DDSE stated that he had earlier held up the salary of some teachers and issued strict order against them for dereliction of duty.
“Whenever I issue such an order, some groups come and ask me to release the teachers’ salary. In this matter, I appeal to the public not to interfere in official actions,” he added.
He further said that if teachers are found guilty of not adhering to the MDM guidelines, the matter can be reported by the school management committees to district authorities.