Worrying trend

The arrest of three juveniles in the recent murder case at Pachin colony, Naharlagun is alarming. The trio is reportedly aged between 15 to 17 years. First of all the capital police deserves appreciation for cracking this case at the earliest. It was becoming sensitive issue as victim Aisha Bano, a farm labourer, hailed from Assam. Several NGOs of neighbouring state have been threatening to impose economic blockade against Arunachal if police fails to arrest the culprits. If the children as young as 14 year get involved in murder case, then something seriously is wrong with the society.
This is the age when they should be busy in study and dreaming for the better future. In recent year Arunachal society has witnessed dramatic change. There is growing disparity between haves and haves not. The fast changing tribal society is impacting the behavioural patterns of the children. Increasingly many children have been found involved in criminal activities. Most of the bike and mobile phone lifters arrested in capital complex have been found to be juveniles. These are worrying trend. The future of any state or nation lies on the shoulder of its youth. But unfortunately most of the youths in Arunachal are using short cut method to try becoming rich over night. There is urgent need to give them proper guide and use their energy in positive activities. The parents as well as clan and community based organizations should play significant role in this regard. Any person involved in criminals activities should not be given protection and let law take its own course of action.