Why conduct exams when results are not declared ?

Dear Editor,
This is a question to all those people who are at the helm of affairs and who conduct recruitment examination. Why do you conduct recruitment examination when you are never going to declare the results? It has been 3 months since these exams has been conducted but the result of the exams has not been declared till today.
1) APPSC conducted recruitment exam for AAO in June of this year for 68 candidates. The result of which seems to be lost in oblivion. Last year, the recruitment for the post of field officer was completed within 2 months of the screening test. Why is it so hard to do the same this time around? Why is the commission adamant on punishing us? Why are we made to wait for our result? The current chairman seems less sympathetic toward the condition of the unemployed youth.
2) The session court of both Tezu and Yupia conducted recruitment test for various post in july, 2018. It is incomprehensible as to why they are taking so long to declare result since OMR sheets were used. The number of candidates who appeared for the said exam was less since on that same day many choose to appear for bank PO exam and UGC NET exam.
We come all the way to Itanagar and appear for the said exams not to keep a daily check on the commission website but with the hope to get employed. It has already been two month since the first letter requesting the commission to declare the result of AAO was published in your daily but yielded no results.
On top of these we are going to and fro with regard to APPSCCE Preliminary result. I hope the results of both these exams are declared soon because it is a source of constant mental torture.
A frustrated candidate