The govt hierarchy and corruption

Dear Editor,
We all talk about corruption and politics more than any other things in our state. It is either because we have fewer opportunities to engage ourselves or else we are unable to open up our mental radar to detect the vast opportunities that surround us. At present – politically, socially and economically we are in transition period. In last decade we have witnessed lots of changes in our state.
If we are indeed interested to bring some change in our state, we should familiarize ourselves with the system. How these systems function and from where it derive power to function.
Instead of discussing about corruption and malfunctioning of government machinery everyday; the people must know the business of Civil Secretariat and see for self how they function. As all the heads of department and the government are in Civil Secretariat. Hence, it becomes very important for all of us to know how they are working for the welfare of our state.
Most of us know upto working style of the Director(s) or the Chief Engineer (s) but fails to reach upto the office of the Secretary and the Commissioner. Apart from political boss, whose tenure is temporary; it is the Commissioner (s) and the Secretaries that execute the government programmes and Policies. These HoDs seldom comes in public domain whereas they are main chair which assists the government for execution of policies. These Commissioners which we collectively called as bureaucrats are main office which actually is accountable for all round development.
It is futile to blame politicians; if Politicians are father of their respective departments than the Commissioner (s) are the mothers of the same department. The social activists, social worker and anti corruption organisation should know these mechanisms to combat corruption. A department is headed by the Minister, the Commissioner (s) or the Secretaries and the Director or the Chief Engineers. The fate of scheme to reach physical realm depends on them; the sanctioned work either disappears or else comes out as premature baby (inferior quality).
Among the 36 departments in the state; there are many officers who hold many portfolios within the department for last 30 years. Some directors look after two or three departments. If same officers perform function of an accountant and also look after work section then siphoning of public money becomes easier.
If government employee remains in same office for 20 years; he or she maintains hegemony in the office. As per government guideline; there should be an effective transfer and posting within the department at the interval of every two to three years to check the corruption activities and also to maintain work ethics.
But the most important parameters are the mentality of these department officers. The deteriorating department buildings verses officers glaring Bungalows and Mansions are evidences that our officers mentality are not people oriented and that their mentality lacks belongingness. The mushrooming of unions and organisation, tribe based mentality plus political inclination mentality of our youths and publics also indicates that we need to learn more to witness better tomorrow.
As majority of our people depends on government; it is very important that those in responsible chair should be people oriented and have sense of belongingness.
But sadly, from where we can find officers who are people oriented. The only parental recruitment agency of the state for such officer; the APPSC itself is submerged in tub of controversies for last 10 years. The officials and staffs of the APPSC are the same people who are responsible for controversies; the 221 deprived aspirants of APPSCCE (P) 2018 that recently filed writ petition against the Commission are burning in the flames of their ignorance and inefficiency.
If agency that recruits bureaucrats is busy in justifying their blunders in Courts; can we expect better and corruption free tomorrow?
Frustrated Deprived Aspirants