Prerogatives and sanctity of Public Service Commission

Dear Editor,
I would like to throw my view in response to an article published in the 28th Sept 2018 edition of your daily with the title “221 candidates file writ petition over anomalies by APPSC” and “Extend APPSCCE Mains 2017” in readers forum.
It is extremely disheartening to see the daily drama cast by a group of unsuccessful candidates who called themselves the aggrieve Candidates in the recently conducted APPSCCE (prelims) and some group of successful candidates who always make this or that demand.
I must appreciate the kind of shameless features they have with them. At least, they could have suffered the ignominy of being unsuccessful in the preliminary examination. Instead, bragging so much so that they have forgotten the rest of society is jeering at them. Oh common, you may increase the number to 2, 78, 221 or 23,000, but you cannot hide under these numbers. I suggest you better accept this result as an unfortunate and unfavourable events turned against your luck and do some rectification for next edition of the APPSCCE which are about to be notified immediately after the final result of this edition of APPSCCE lest you are honoured with same result even in the next edition. You must cultivate the culture of getting your goals through achievement not by hitting the roads through dharnas and protests or from the door of court. Remember, we despise these cultures of snatching the goals.
Furthermore, what bleeds us more is the kind of stature the APPSC has modelled for itself. Now the status of APPSC has fallen to as much low as it is now like a bell hanging in a temple where every Tom, Dick and Harry may come, hit and goes. APPSC must conduct at least one exam with error free. You are making childish mistakes in every exam that you conduct. Under such situation, why everyone would not hit you like a temple bell? Because of your degrading status, everyone would easily demand for anything. Someone would command “this month I don’t like to study, you give me one more month” still other would demand “I could not complete my syllabus this time. You conduct the exams next year or decade” and so on. The Commission must remember their prerogatives and stand firmly on its decision. If you start succumbing to xyz pressures, similar type of situations are bound to happen. The commission must conduct the exam on the date as notified earlier.
But still hopes are not yet crushed altogether. Keeping our hopes alive to see the brighter side of the APPSC in the days to come.
Tiger Nilling,