‘Ex-PS’ still enjoying facilities’

ITANAGAR, Oct 5: Some of the former parliamentary secretaries (PS) of the state are alleged to be enjoying facilities like government vehicles and staffs even after they have lost their positions.
In a press statement, All Arunachal Pradesh Panchayat Parishad secretary general Sangha Tagik Masang alleged that a few of the 23 former PS’ are still enjoying the facilities which had been provided to them earlier, in violation of the high court order and incurring additional burden to the state exchequer.
“The MLAs are provided with vehicles, allowances for fuel and driver, contingency allowance, etc; but still many of them demand vehicles from senior officers, which is affecting the official works. Such practices beyond official purview should be halted forthwith,” Masang said.
He also alleged misuse of the MLA local area development (MLALAD) fund by several legislators.
“The MLALAD funds are provided to reduce the development gap. However, most of the MLAs have been found misusing the fund, defeating its very purpose,” he said.
Masang also advocated that the untied fund of Rs 50 lakhs and Rs 20 lakhs for the DCs and ADCs, respectively, should be enhanced to facilitate proper development of rural areas.