Agitators suspend economic blockade

PANGIN, Oct 5: The agitators who had clamped an economic blockade here in Siang district have suspended the blockade for two months, following a coordination meeting between the district administration and the public leaders of the area, reports DIPRO.
The agitators have placed several demands before the authority, which include establishment of an independent ADC headquarters in Pangin; continuation of establishment of some departments in Pangin; reinstatement of the HGBs and GBs who had resigned; and making Pangin a part of the twin district headquarters, as well as temporary district headquarters of Siang, till the completion of the mini-secretariat in Boleng, the report said.
Deputy Commissioner Rajeev Takuk, who chaired the meeting, reiterated his appeal to the people to maintain peace.
Stating that the present scenario in the area was detrimental to development, he appealed to the leaders to call off the economic blockade, join hands with the district administration, and work for development.
He advised them to place their demands in the form of a memorandum to the state government.
The Siang SP thanked all the leaders for cooperating with the administration and the police, and for not resorting to violent methods while pursuing their demands.
Stating that the common people are the worst sufferers during such movements, he urged the people not to resort to such agitation in the future.
Several public leaders also spoke.
After extensive deliberation, the agitators agreed to call off the economic blockade with effect from midday of 6 October for two months, to pave way for further dialogue.