An open letter to the Chief Minister

Dear Editor,
I would like to put our grievances before the Chief Minister.
NHM employees are working day and night to successfully implement all the health related governmental schemes in the state. Because of our existence health indicators are now improving in the state. It is the NHM who reaches and serve the people at the remotest part of every district. We are the backbone of Health Department in the state.
Yet after so many years of sincere services rendered by us we get nothing good in return from the State Government.
I would like to put some of our grievances here such as:
1. The salary at which NHM contractual employees are working is meagre and unable to satisfy our basic needs.
2. The policy makers never bother to understand and bring favor for us rather they always try to make complicated policies which never give employees satisfaction. Please understand if your soldiers are upset, how you wish to win the war?
3. Irregularities in the salary payments is really demoralizing as we also have basic expenses like bank RD (though small) , monthly rent, food for children, coaching fees of siblings and our family members do fall sick sometimes.
We are all dedicated towards providing health services to the deprived peoples. But in return we also require suitable conditions.
Therefore, I humbly request your kindness to address our grievances.
NHM employees