COSAAP’S intimidation

Dear Editor,
Human beings are never satisfied, the more he gets the more he wants this we studied in Economics during schooling days and today it is being proved by the Confederation of Service Association of Arunachal Pradesh (COSAAP).
The intellectual Association who is also part of government is making mockery of their position by agitating against the Government.
Aren’t they getting handsome remuneration with other benefits of perks and allowances from govt. in comparison to other government servants of the state?
This selfish demand of Cosaap which they term it as their genuine demand is anti-development, self centeric and illogical, which is undesirable.
Think about thousands of SSA Teachers, and contractual employees of various departments who hardly get their meager amount of salary after 5-6 months.
Think about thousands of children who are deprived of schools, teachers, uniform and basic facilities they deserve.
The act of intimidating the state Govt by the Public servant is not appreciable.
It’s painful to see even those bureaucrats who have experienced misery, pain and suffering in their life have forgotten their past when they have almost everything today.
It is quite painful to see that those Associations and Unions who claims themselves to be for the people are silent today. Students, public and unemployed youths should raise their voice against it, lend support to the state government at this hour because this is not a bureaucratic form of Govt where few handful of bureaucrats will dictate the Govt. and public.
I would like to request Chief Minister and his team not succumb to their pressure instead take stern action as per law. Make them realise that they are publics servant and should refrain from behaving like a boss.
I would also like to remind COSAAP that if they genuinely feel dissatisfied with their job kindly tender resignation on moral ground. Many educated youths with sound knowledge are ready to serve the state with utmost dedication and sincerity.
A Concerned Citizen