Competitive events among Galo women marks the beginning of Nyirmen festival

AALO, Oct 14: The Galo women of West Siang district exhibited wide range of activities on the eve of Nyirmen festival at the Gumin Kiin here in West Siang district on Sunday.
These include competitive events, such as traditional thread binding, musical chairs, needle race and sport activities.
Women are all set to show deep insights into the Nyirmen festival on the main day on 15 October.
A ‘quick fire quiz competition’ on original Galo language for higher and secondary schools was another attraction of today’s programme, which was conducted by GLDC member Kirba Sora. The programme aims to infuse a sense of pride and patronage in traditional language among the young minds.
The festival of merry-making and laughter is associated with Galo women since time immemorial and was a source of joy and amusement after coming out from the drudgery of manual labour and pains of the harvesting year. (DIPRO)