Following Chinese incursion in Arunachal, MP Ering reminds PM of Panchsheel agreement

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 15: Member of Parliament Ninong Ering urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ask China to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India for peaceful co-existence as envisaged in the Panchsheel agreement.
Ering’s urge followed the reports of intrusion by Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) into Arunachal Pradesh in Dibang Valley. He urged Modi to intervene in the matter and take firm action to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.
As per media reports, PLA troops transgressed into Indian territory very recently. The transgression took place in Dibang Valley, a few kilometers away from Anini on 22September.
It is reported that a small detachment of the PLA moved into the territory of Arunachal, and was first spotted by the local hunters in the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary.
“The locals confronted the PLA soldiers and immediately alerted the Indian Army post nearby. Acting on the reports, Indian soldiers rushed to the spot and confronted their Chinese counterparts. A standoff between the Indian soldiers and the PLA continued for a few hours.However, soon after, the PLA troops admitted their mistake and moved back,” the report said.
“At many instances in recent times, Chinese troops tried to enter into Arunachal Pradesh and build roads. You must intervene in such incidents, and ask China to respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of India,” Ering wrote to the prime minister.
The parliamentarian from Arunachal Pradesh also raised the vexed staple visa issue.
“China issuing stapled visa to people from Arunachal Pradesh is not new and the matter must be brought to their attention tactfully. The Government of India must assert the territorial integrity of India and convey the feelings of Arunachal Pradesh people in a firm manner,” the letter said.
He urged the prime minister to take up the issues with President of China Xi Jingping and stand up to the hopes and aspirations of people from Arunachal Pradesh in particular.
“It will truly help us to reclaim ‘samman’ (dignity), ‘samvad’ (dialogue), ‘samriddhi’ (shared prosperity), ‘suraksha’ (regional and global security) and ‘sanskriti evam sabhayata’ (cultural and civilisational links),” Ering said.