Organic mission

Dear Editor,
“With wrong farming methods, we turn fertile lands into desert. Unless we go back to organic farming and save the soil, there is no future.” – Sadhguru.
Organic farming in broad term refers to a natural way of agriculture, wherein use of chemical formulations like pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides etc are not allowed. It is a method of crop cultivation using naturally available resources with minimum human interference. In recent years, the scope and demand for organic produce have increased significantly. The increasing cases of health problems arising due to presence of chemical contaminants in our food products is a serious issue, posing a threat to our physical and economic welfare. This threat can be meticulously mitigated, by opting of organic produce by consumers and organic farming by farmers. Plus it increases the income of the farmers significantly, and if we see it through a wiser perspective, its not only about health benefits and income. The organic story is now broadening far beyond the health benefits of chemical-free foods. Organic farming, whether vegetables, fruits, or our own beautiful flowers, helps protect mother nature- its that simple.
Sikkim recently was awarded FAO’s future policy award for its achievement in becoming the world’s first totally organic agriculture state. It’s a feat admirable, achieved through dedication and sheer will shown by the Sikkim government and participation of the people. On the other hand, the Arunachal government, after launching the Organic Mission back in April, last year, is yet to show any considerable progress. One might be excused for guessing that it was all petty politics and was conjured to fill the chest of the privileged few.
After the launch of Organic Mission back in 2010, it took Sikkim, six years to attain the ‘fully organic’ status. But, we should be able to attain that feat in much lesser time, as our former Chief Secretary, Shakuntala D Gamlin said, “Arunachal Pradesh is by default an organic state”.
Takut Ninnom