Free dance workshop

ITANAGAR, Oct 23: Takam Yasum, also known as ‘Bgirl Sumku’, a professional ‘breaking’ or Bboying/Bgirling dancer and instructor, is organizing a free workshop for women at the Dream Fitness Floor in Niti Vihar here on 25 October.
Yasum started dancing professionally since 2015, and has been teaching breaking in New Delhi at the Quest the Hip Hop Skool. She has also represented India at an international competition in Russia.
‘Breaking’, an athletic style of street dance, started in the 1970s. It is adapted from different styles, and has incorporated moves from gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, and acrobats.
In 2017, breaking was classified as a dance sport, and was a part of the International Youth Olympics which was held from 6 to 18 October this year.