Signature campaign for CBI probe into Pinch’s death

RONO HILLS, Oct 25: Over 800 students of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) on Thursday signed an online petition seeking fair and independent inquiry into the death of former Doimukh MLA Ngurang Pinch, who died under mysterious circumstances on 18 November last year.
RGU faculty members, staffers and students, along with school children signed the petition.
JNU research scholar and daughter of late Pinch, Ngurang Reena, said the motive behind the signature campaign was to demand a CBI investigation into her father’s unusual demise.
“My father’s death is not an exclusive one. I am not claiming any VIP treatment to the case, but I am disgusted and furious at the plight of my state and speak for all those at the receiving end of this corrupt system,” Reena said through her petition.
“The minimum required signatures is 10, 000. With today’s camp we have almost reached 8000 and we hope to sweep the target with tomorrow’s camp that is being set up at Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar,” Reena said.
The signature campaign was organized by Pinch’s family members in collaboration with the RGUSU and the RGU Research Scholars’ Forum.