Women raid colony ‘hotspot’

ITANAGAR, Oct 28: Members of the Women Welfare Society of Mowb-II, Panchali & Upper Sengki View (WWSMPUSV), headed by its president Heri Jumi and secretary Gocham Yap Chiging, on Sunday raided a “hotspot” in Mowb-II where young couples and drug addicts reportedly flock.
The team found several narcotic materials from the spot and burnt them on the spot, even as three boys who were lounging at the spot fled from the scene.
The WWSMPUSV members also raided a spot in Upper Sengki View, where they found two youngsters imbibing alcohol. The women let the boys off after warning them against repeating such activities in the area.
The team later visited the UD department’s car parking shed in Mowb-II. The parking shed is also reportedly a hotspot of youngsters on a drinks-and-drugs spree.
The WWSMPUSV meanwhile thanked the capital complex administration and the SP for deploying police personnel at Mowb-II, saying their presence would prevent illegal gambling and other activities in the area.
The women also requested the power department to install proper streetlights in Mowb-II to prevent antisocial activities at night.