Want early justice, says mother pressurized to withdraw case against Tani Jongkey

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 29: “All I want is justice for my child at the earliest – nothing more,” said the mother of the 12-year-old school girl who was allegedly molested by Tax & Excise Joint Commissioner Tani Jongkey.
The mother of the girl said she is being pressurized to withdraw the case against Jongkey.
Jongkey was booked by the police under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act for alleged sexual assault on the 12-year-old school girl on 2 June, 2017. The hearing of the case continues.
“My family and I have been getting a lot of pressure to withdraw the case. Very recently, four members of the Karko Welfare Society (KWS) came to me at the behest of Tani Jongkey to withdraw the case,” she said, speaking to this daily.
The mother identified them as president Mingang Apang, secretary Kaying Nobeng, and members Ani Ale and Tangu Pangkam of the KWS.
The mother said she is under tremendous pressure as the case drags on.
“There is pressure from political leaders to reach a compromise in a kebang, the local traditional court. I don’t want a kebang. I trust the court to give my child justice.”
Earlier, family members of Jongkey allegedly offered her money and traditional beads to hush up the case.
“The wife of Jongkey came to the house with the offers, which was rejected outright by the parents of the girl,” said a relative, speaking to this daily.
The government of Arunachal had constituted a two-member panel to inquire into the charges against Jongkey – the findings of which has reportedly been submitted – and had also put the officer under suspension.
However, the high court directed the state authorities to revoke the suspension order and reinstate Jongkey in service from 22 November, 2017 – the day he was suspended.
The court further directed the government to pay all consequential service benefits, including arrears of pay and allowances, due to the officer.
Following Jongkey’s reinstatement as tax & excise joint commissioner by the HC in March this year, the tax & excise commissioner had initiated an inquiry into procedural lapses which led to Jongkey’s reinstatement.
In an order issued on 6 August, Tax & Excise Commissioner Anirudh Singh stated that the officer had been reinstated because of serious lapses on the part of the officers and officials of the department as the file and the proposal for extending the suspension order were not submitted on time to the competent authority.
While the department proceedings and the court case continue, the 12-year-old’s mother said her child remains scared of visitors who come to their home for negotiations to withdraw the case.