Prog on indigenous culture begins

AALO, Oct 30: A two-day cultural programme jointly organized by the Teachers’ Training Centre (TTC) and the Marjum Welfare Society began at the TTC here on Tuesday.
The inaugural day featured a seminar on preservation and promotion of the indigenous culture, which was also attended by former minister and the TTC’s managing director Doi Ado.
In his address, Ado said the programme is an effort towards inculcating a sense of pride among the young generation in their culture, and appealed to them to preserve their age-old culture.
Students made presentations on topics such as Donyi Poloism, marriage system in the Tagin tribe, significance of Chalo Loku festival, origin of Mopin, Donyi Polo Gamgi movement, etc.
Retired RD joint director T Ado, TGT Jirken Bagra, and NCC officer D Lollen were the panel of judges of the seminar.
The programme is sponsored by the union tribal affairs ministry. (DIPRO)