Committee seeks inclusion of Leporiang circle in Pakke-Kessang

LEPORIANG, Nov 2: The District Inclusion Demand Committee (Leporiang Admin Circle) has requested the state government to include Leporiang administrative circle in the newly-created Pakke-Kessang district.
In a memorandum to the chief secretary on Friday, the committee said Leporiang circle of Papum Pare district, with 42 villages, is 130 kms away from district headquarters Yupia, “whereas it is hardly 10 kilometres from the proposed headquarters of Pakke-Kessang district.”
It said inclusion of Leporiang – “one of the remotest and economically backward circles of Papum Pare” – in Pakke-Kessang would solve the administrative, communication and transportation problems of the people of the circle.
“Moreover, the people of Pakke-Kessang district and Leporiang circle are maintaining age-old social and cultural relation and also sharing agricultural land in boundary area,” it said, and requested that the district reorganisation notification be modified to include Leporiang in Pakke-Kessang “in order to uphold the strong bondage between the people.”