Lack of transparency and professionalism

Dear Editor,
I always thought APPSC stood for transparency and professionalism. But what separates commission from other regular institutions,which too follow above traits, is it’s sense of duty towards upliftment of common people by recruiting able administrators. By doing this part of their duty commission leads and shows the way for all of us.
Presently, APPSC seems to have forgotten those cherished ideals by sticking to unnecessary adamancy in the high court. Able administrators will be selected in vibrant-positive atmosphere, not in confusing-negative atmosphere.
We have hearing on 9.11.18 and mains is on 10.11.18.So,basically it means many aspirants will only know if mains exam will be held definitely or not on the day of the exam itself.
It shows that is only interested in winning this case at the cost of selecting capable officers.What is more disheartening is the silence maintained by the govt. Or could it be that this govt. too is adamant and directing it? They may win but people of the state will be the ultimate losers.Losers in term of having good-honest officers.
Let good sense prevail.
A concerned citizen