Festival of pollution

Dear Editor,
Festival of pollution is the title that fits Diwali more appropriately. The aftermath of the intense burning of the crackers day before disguised as smog in the morning air. It is such a shame that none of the individual followed the passing of the order by the honorable Supreme Court to curb the menace of noise and air pollution caused due to the burning of crackers.
Clear instructions were published in each and every newspaper. What is more unfortunate is the educated youth of our country completely ignoring the law. It just goes to show that education cannot really change a person’s moral sense.
Where else the Supreme Court had the power to completely ban the crackers but decided against it for the sake of the livelihoods of the workers doesn’t mean that some of us has the right to completely exploit the situation and disregard the law. Though some of us have the assurance of knowing that we’re not contributing to the ecological deterioration, it breaks my heart to see some people not giving a damn about it.
It is simple common sense to act a bit responsible as an inhabitant of this planet and contribute even in the littlest ways to make it a better place. If this trend of lawlessness continues, we’re doomed as a society.
Responsible citizen