Rebuild the relation

The recent Bomdila incident is unfortunate and should have been avoided. The ugly clash between Arunachal Scouts battalion and West Kameng district administration has created bad blood on both the side. This is for the first time that such kind of incident has been reported in the state. The relation between army and people of Arunachal has always been very cordial. Unfortunately this strong bond has been shaken by the Bomdila incident. But everyone should treat this incident as an aberration and make efforts to rebuild the trust. Defence Minister Nirmal Sitharaman has done right thing by rushing to the Bomdila along with top bras of army to take stock of the situation.
The visit is expected to start the process of rebuilding the relation between army and district administration. Such gestures definitely will have positive impact. For the safety and security of country, there is need for proper coordination among army, civilian administration and local populace. Especially in the districts like West Kameng and Tawang where there are massive presence of military, cooperation of local people and civilian administration is must for the army to operate in the area. There are many lessons to learn from the Bomdila incident. Hopefully it will act as a catalyst to prevent any such unfortunate incidents in the future.