Rutum Kamgo memorial lecture

ITANAGAR, Nov 9: The Arunachal Pradesh Charitable Task (APCT) said it will be organising a ‘Rutum Kamgo memorial lecture’ at the Dorjee Khandu convention centre here on Sunday to commemorate social activist late Rutum Kamgo.
“Late Rutum Kamgo was an illustrious social leader who spent more than two decades championing the need to retain and nurture the traditional culture, till his demise on 5 November, 2011, in a road incident,” APCT chairman Katung Wahge told media persons at the press club on Friday.
Wahge informed that Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman would also attend the event and speak on “the need and importance of forging an alliance between India and China to establish a new world order.”
“Nirmala Sitharaman will be exploring ways and means to strengthen the Sino-India ties, so that the two ancient civilizations can together emerge as the pivots of the new world,” Wahge said.
Describing Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part of India, he said China’s issuing stapled visas to Arunachalees should be stopped. “Likewise, there are many issues related to the state which can be solved by mutual understanding between India and China,” he said.
When questioned on China’s repeated claims on Arunachal Pradesh, Wahge said: “This is the core issue which can only be solved through bilateral talks, and the APCT is working on it.”
APCT president Tana Tagu Tara said: “There are many issues and problems faced by the people of Arunachal Pradesh in recent years because of China, which is a matter of concern for the state as well as the central government.”
He said though there have not been many changes in the relation between the two countries, especially with regard to the borders, “we have to make a move by which all problems can be solved.”
Tara said the defence minister is expected to “delve into the depth of the military posturing at the border which has led to a new kind of arms race,” adding that Sitharaman’s visit “is not political.”