Where is my democratic right to write the exam?

Dear Editor,
Yesterday I reached kingcup school, our mains exam venue at 8:05 am(exam time is 9:00 am) ,for writing my english paper-1.There were many protestors standing in front of the gate protesting against apcs and giving call to their democratic rights to do so. Fine, but what about my democraric right to appear for the examination? I was asked by the protestors not to enter the gate and that every aspirant will be stopped. But to my utter disgust, after 2 and half hours I came to know that around 100 aspirants are inside the hall appearing it.When I inquired about it I came to know that some aspirants came very early(6:00 am),some entered through backgate and few were vips’ kins escorted through special escorts(one I heard was of a top cop). How am I supposed to know about such undefined alternatives for writing the most prestigious exam of our state?When I inquired what will happen to aspirants like us, one police officer shouted that I should have gone inside with police protection.It was eaay for him to say this but the reality was there were so many protestors standing in front of the gate shouting against any aspirant trying to get inside.
When the exam time was nearing its limit then there was some action from the police like water-cannon and picking up some protestors. My query is why were these measures not done earlier,atleast I could have appeared for my exam.
Yesterday both the protestors and administrators have shamed the whole system and due process.Just to make your voices heard doesn’t give you any right to infringe on others right to appear exams.A feeling of disgust and sadness engulfed me seeing my dreams of being an apcs officer snatched away.Years of sacrifice and dedication got washed away yesterday in between the undemocratic attitude of the protestors and unpreparedness of the administration.
Now I can only request the hon’ble CM to give justice to aspirants like me or will it again fall into his deaf ears.
A willing aspirant who was stopped