Why were not we allowed to write second paper?

Dear Editor,
Despite of unclear circumstances, we reached our exam centre (APPSC office) in time to appear for the mains examination scheduled on 10th November’2018. The first paper that is the General English went properly and we were about to attend the 2nd paper (Essay) but all of a sudden protestors who are demanding Postponements of exam appeared near commission office due to which the aspirants who were waiting for 2nd paper couldn’t understand anything and in a position of shock and confusion we were simply waiting inside the commission compound for some clearification while protestors were outside the compound on the road.
It’s worth to mention here that we were not even protesting but was confuse due to sudden slogans in the air, then suddenly to our utter surprise we were asked by the Magistrate on duty and the police force to leave the commission compound forcefully. My question is why we were not allowed to sit for the second paper? What is the meaning of such act? Is there anyone in this state who is reading this, who can intervene. Our right is being snatched by the commission, who will address this?