Lacking in integrity and honest self-evaluation

Dear Editor,
It’s claimed by the people who were protesting against the conduct of the Mains exam of APPSCCE that they are fighting for their “democratic” rights. But the same protestors are threatening the qualified candidates who were trying to enter the examination hall with “dire consequences”. What an irony! If it were not for the CRPF and the IRBN Jawans, they would not have allowed any willing candidate to sit for the mains. Why? Because they don’t conform to their ideas about the conduct of the exam. The law of the land doesn’t matter. The High Court, the Constitution of India, The APPSCCE Rules 2001 don’t matter.
Each and everyone has the right to subscribe to their own ideas but we don’t have the right to impose those beliefs onto other people and that too by coercion, against their will. And these are the future administrators of our young state. If they are so honest about the righteousness of their claims they should continue their fight legally. Their harassment of the terrified mains candidates was the most terroristic acts of all protests movements in Arunachal.
None of the protestors or candidates is less or more qualified than anybody else. But what the protestors are lacking is integrity and honest self-evaluation.
Peace to all!
Dite Pertin