My right to write exam

Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter to express my concerns regarding the current situation of Appscce qualifiers versus the Commission.
I would like to put out a few words to my “fellow” aspirants who are protesting in the name of democracy. To those who are blocking the gates at the exam centres, accosting, campaigning and shaming other candidates who have chosen to give the APPSCC Examination 2018. On behalf of everyone please. We wish to give this exam in peace and are within our rights to do so just as you who have chosen not to give the same are within yours to protest.
No one is questioning your seriousness and at this point, everyone is disappointed by the uncertainty of the commission.
I will be content with whatever decision the HC makes on the 14th. However, in my humble opinion, I can only see two things happening —
1. Gross anomalies have been found in the conduct of the preliminary examination and the court decides to cancel the current exam and asks for re-conduct. I am prepared for this scenario and will appear for the next examination with the same enthusiasm.
2. The court decides that there has been sufficient enquiry done on part of APPSCCE to address the needs of the aggrieved candidates and decides to allow for the checking of our withheld and sealed answer sheets: This benefits those of us who have been able to give the examination in spite of the efforts of our main source of “distraction” — for most of us unfortunately, the protesting prelims qualifiers.
I do not see the logic behind protesting for postponement when we have already lost so much time, investment and resources.
Let me remind you that this is a competition.
I will not put myself out of the race until the commission and the Court decides otherwise.
I am not willing to risk my chance at something that has already been delayed and extended for too long and I genuinely admire your confidence at being able to do so.
Unconvinced, and still appearing for the