Everyone is trying to fool media & public

Dear Editor,
I’m not writing this in support of the commission nor against the one who are protesting. Even I’m aware of the past mistakes made by the commission. But looking at the chaos that’s going on where everyone is trying to fool the media and public regarding their grievances of not writing the exams is what has forced me to write this, as an aspirant I have better clarity regarding the current situation which is going on.
1) The commission has already given the notification on August itself regarding the exam and it was never notified by them that there is a chance of postponement in the near future.
2) There’s no trace of ‘corruption and paper leak’ regarding the mains exam so why create such a big havoc just for the postponement? Even if the students really wanted the postponement then why didn’t they put the proposal since the beginning of the notification?
3) If the concern is only about ‘commerce case’, this point also doesn’t make sense as no one can be sure about the timeline of a legal case. Even if in future the mains exam is scrapped based on the verdict on commerce case, the commission will be responsible for that situation and they will be compelled to find an alternative for the ones who have qualified. So why lose a golden opportunity just based on the assumptions? Moreover , no one will lose anything writing the exam twice than not writing it all just based on some unsure assumptions.
4) Commission has provided all the security for the students who were really willing to write the exam. Many of them voluntarily decided not to sit for the exam and now they are trying to showcase as if they were forced by the commission for not writing the exam. If they really wanted to write the exam they should be filing the case against the one who stopped them from writing.
5) Now they are targeting the ones who are writing the exam by disturbing them psychologically which is morally and ethically wrong. Their fight is with the commission and not with the ones who are writing the exam.
Looks like it is taking an ugly turn because of the protestors who are fooling the general public about the reality. This scenario is now making us more inclined towards the commission and to stand with them for the completion of the exam.
A serious aspirant
struggling to write the exam