Let UPSC conduct APPSC exams

Dear Editor,
I would like to bring out my ordeal. On 10th November, I started from home for the mains exams, unaware of the intensity of protest against this exam. When I reached my exam centre, Kingcup Public School Itanagar, I was already late by a few minutes. On seeing a large number of protestors, I stood there confused for a while but made the decision to sit in the exams. When I was about to enter, I saw some friends who were also very serious candidates themselves but were ready to risk their career and all. It made me to reflect on my decision as after seeing all the chaos my mind was not at peace. In spite of me really wanting to write the exams, I could not write due to the stampede near the school gate.
Though I may have qualified the mains with a very few competitors in the field, I am happy that i did not go on with the exams seeing my co-aspirants being trampled on my way to success. They did this not because they did not prepare well, they did this because they had the guts to stand against corruption that most of us don’t have. Now by default i have become a part of the group that is against corruption.
After seeing anomalies in the recruitment process every time, now I feel that our state public service commission is incompetent to conduct this prestigious exam, should let UPSC conduct the exams on behalf of APPSC.
Aggrieved candidate