Protect fundamental rights of the candidates

Dear Editor,
As a senior citizen and daily reader of this daily, I would like to say a few things about the conduct of the APPSCCE 2018. It may also be because the serious students have since long time closed off all their whatsapp, facebook accounts and other activities not related to their studies while some students are spending their whole day in the streets.
But I also support both the sides equally. What I can’t accept is that how can the protestors forcefully deny some of the candidates to write their examination. It’s in complete violation of the fundamental rights of the students.
In my opinion, despite them being students, exemplary penalty should be imposed on those who committed such atrocity on the life of the poor candidate.
What if this was last chance to appear, on age grounds, for that woman or man? Can you bring back the wasted years?
The High court should come forward to protect the fundamental rights of the candidates.
An Arunachalee