We respect the Institution and the system

Dear Editor,
I would like to give some “Gyan” and put up some questions before protesting candidates of APPSCCE 2018, hope you all won’t decide to sit out on this one.
Just like you have the right to protest for any whimsical reason, those candidates willing to appear also have a right to sit for the exams, so respect our decision just like we respect yours. Even if the Commission conducts the exam again, we are fine with it. We respect the Institution and the system.
You don’t get to shame us like criminals involved in some illegal activity infact its the other way around. Shame on you all for not having made judicious use of your time, while others were busy burning the midnight oil, you guys wasted your time going about how to disrupt the examinations. And most of the times I am sure ending up the hard day of work with some beer, cheers!!
Let me ask you, what do you mean by conducive atmosphere and when will you be fully prepared for the exam? Do kindly inform us of the exact date and how long do you intend to wait if the court proceeding drags on and on.
And to all the leaders of the protest movement who are already working in the government, I hope you know the consequences of your unfounded allegations. Don’t mislead the poor young souls who should have been sitting for the exam. You guys don’t have much to lose, do you? If you guys are so sure about the legitimacy of your demands why not come out in the open. What is the need to hide behind masks?
To those candidates who were stopped from entering the Exam Centre, go and lodge an FIR against the leaders of the protest who can easily be identified from the videos.
To the politicians who want to bake their bread over this issue, stop it. Give the Commission the needed autonomy to function as an independent body.
An alarmed candidate