I want to compete in a fair game for all

Dear Editor,
This in response to certain letters to editor published in your daily where some mains appearing candidates have claimed that candidates who were not able to give exam are just making excuses and voluntarily decided not to give exam. This is totally wrong. I am also a mains appearing candidates but I know many candidates who are hardworking, talented and were willing to give exam but couldn’t give due to all the chaos for which not only protesters but APPSC & High Court decision are also equally responsible. Because:-
1. The High court could have given the same decision 1 month back or even on October 31 instead of November 9 which was day before the exam.
2. APPSC should have been better prepared to prevent the protest instead of telling candidates that they should have come earlier in the exam centre.
And for those who are saying that willing candidates are making false excuses and voluntarily left the exam hall are rather a bunch of selfish opportunist candidates who see a great “chance mein dance” in competing with less than half the numbers of mains candidates. I am also a mains appearing candidate and will appear till my last paper if the exam continue as I also want this job but atleast I feel for those candidates also who were caught in the chaos. Yes this is a competition & I’m also a competitor but atleast I want to compete in a fair game for all. We all are preparing to become administrator and should think for overall good as that is what a civil servant is expected to be rather than being a selfish competitor because such officers will only think selfishly and compete for money in future also rather than caring for the development of society as a whole.
Lastly, the Governor, C.M, Highcourt & APPSC should find a fair solution as soon as possible instead of letting the unfair game to continue.
A fair competitor