Why are you writing exam?

Dear Editor,
” If you want to find out who your real friends are, sink the ship. The first one to jump were never your true friend “. This statement is very apt for the current scenario in the state owing to the APPSC Fiasco. Friends who once stood by our side because they know every aspect of the particular situation are now writing exam.
I dont understand how the candidates are giving exams when they themselves are in a confused state. Just think why is the commission providing food to the appearing candidates when they don’t even provide examination forms for free. Who is financing this? Is there a separate budget for such facilities? I heard they upgraded from a samosa per person to a packed fried rice per person. Does the commission exist for conducting examination or are they into the catering business?
To those candidates who think we are disturbing them then personally i think that it was worth every strain on my throat if it takes this much to wake your conscience.
For all those others who are hiding under the veil of working hard for 7 long years (I agree that is too long) let me tell you that even if one has toiled hard for lesser number of years what matter is that they have also worked hard. To say that i have this long history of hard work doesn’t mean others are less deserving. In this 4 days of protest, I have realized that the tribal state of Arunachal Pradesh is losing its “tribalness” whereby people should have been more compassionate to each other and they should have shown solidarity to the cause but all this went down the drain when on the 12 of November those mains writing candidates crossed over us wearing their fancy white sports shoe and uttering the word “sorry”.
The last thing i would like to tell to all those mains writing aspirant is that you were sorry for a reason and if you have an iota of respect for those sleeping on the road asking you to shun the exam then please try to think logically.
Proudly protesting candidates