Pathetic condition of Likabali-Aalo Highway

Dear Editor,
I would like to express my grievances regarding the pathetic condition of Likabali-Aalo Highway. For many months now, the Likabali Aalo road is in total pathetic condition. The road is not motorable as there are lots of ditches pilling around the road. Not an inch of road is devoid of ditches which are fully covered with mud and rain water.
On the other side there are uncontrollable flow of natural stream water on the road which deteriorate the condition more even in the winter season. As such there have been several accidents in the past few months.
This road is an important means of communication for the people of the region.
Therefore, many people have been affected due to the bad road condition.
Very recently, I had to take my father to the capital complex from Basar for medical treatment and the road condition made it immensely difficult for my ailing father to travel.
Everyday suffering patient, students studying outside the district suffer a lot. Goods suppliers also suffer the same.
Though it is a strategic road, I see no efforts of any kind being put into making the roads. And the condition is getting worse day by day.
It takes almost six hours to cover a distance of 90 kilometers.
Therefore, I would like to request to all concern for further necessary action at the earliest.
Karda Riba, Itanagar