Enrollment of bogus voters opposed

ITANAGAR, Nov 15: The 21 Koloriang Assembly Constituency Native People’s Forum and the Illegal Voter Enrollment Clean Drive Committee, 21 Koloriang Assembly Constituency have urged the chief electoral officer (CEO) to prohibit enrollment of outsiders, non-residents and non-PRC holders in the electoral roll of the Koloriang assembly constituency.
The organisations claimed that non-residents and non-PRC holders have been enrolled in the constituency “in violation of norms of the electioneering process in a democratic setup.”
They urged the CEO to check illegal enrollment of non-APSTs, and also urged the people to produce authentic voter deletion certificates from the concerned ERO or AERO in case of transfer of voters during the hearings on 19 and 27 November.
“Production of fake deletion certificates will be viewed seriously or such act of duplicity will face legal action,” they warned.