30 students of Itanagar Super 30 qualify in JEE Mains

[ Indu Chukhu ]

ITANAGAR, 26 Apr: In a remarkable achievement, all 30 students enrolled in the Itanagar unit of the Oil India Super 30 have qualified in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains-2024.

The coaching programme is an initiative of the Centre for Social Responsibility and Leadership, sponsored by Oil India Limited, providing free residential coaching for economically marginalised students aspiring to crack the IIT JEE.

Under the guidance of dedicated mentors and educators, students selected for the programme undergo rigorous training for 11 months, preparing for the JEE.

“The recent results of the JEE Mains-2024 are a testament to the effectiveness of this approach, with all 30 students achieving qualifying scores,” the Super 30 unit informed in a release.

“In both the January and April sessions of the examination, students from the programme have secured more than 90 percentile scores, further solidifying its reputation for academic excellence,” it added.

On 2023, 29 out of 30 students qualified for the advanced JEE, the release said, adding that “Super 30, Itanagar unit anticipates to get the same record this year as well.”

“The programme’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their economic background, continues to yield remarkable results,” the release added.

As the Oil India Super 30 programme gears up for its next session, applications for selection exams are currently being accepted through the CSRL website www.csrl.in until 12 May, it said.