HC’s tight slap to commission

Dear Editor,
I would like to share my views on high court judgement regarding the ongoing legal tussle between some aspirants and APPSC.
The high court’s direction to constitute an independent committee to look into the anomalies in the optional papers is a tight slap on the face of the commission. The commission had earlier constituted its own committee to address this very issue. The recent court direction has the following implications:
1. It speaks volumes of the apathetic attitude of APPSC as the high court direction has finally called the bluff of the farcical committee formed by the commission. The take-away here is that the so called “expert committee” of APPSC completely failed to address this vexed issue. The inherent inefficiency of APPSC has been bared for all to see yet again.
2. The uncertainty over the validity of ongoing mains exam has been exacerbated to a new high now. The independent committee is bound to validate the already established anomalies in papers like commerce. The only option left then would be complete scrapping of the whole exam process. The logic behind still going on with conduction of mains exam after this is beyond comprehension and utterly astounding.
3. This substantiates the acclaimed apprehension of the protesting aggrieved aspirants. The numerous court proceedings and the associated uncertainty was the ground zero for the outburst of the protesting aspirants. Their reason for agitation has been furthered even more and any rational thinking individual needs to consider this and support their cause.
The selection of members to constitute the independent committee and their subsequent report will be under constant scrutiny of the public eye and even more so by those directly affected by it. The life-long career aspirations of many deserving candidates are at stake. It is fervently hoped that the committee upholds the sanctity of the word “independent” and comes out with a rational & unbiased report without succumbing to any sort of pressure.
A Concerned Mains Aspirant