Protesting candidates demand cancellation of APPSCCE; candidate continues hunger strike

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Nov 17: With only a few days left for the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive (Mains) Examination (APPSCCE) 2017-’18 to conclude, the protesting candidates on Saturday demanded cancellation of the examination by 18 November.
Altering their earlier demand for postponing the APPSCCE, the candidates said if the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) fails to cancel the examination by Sunday, “the commission should be held responsible for any situation that arises out of its negligence of the demand.”
Adding to the demand, they said the APPSC should halt the examination till the expert committee submits its report and the court gives a clear verdict on the matter.
Highlighting the court order of 9 November, the candidates said the commission had the discretion on conducting the examination, and that the court had not issued orders to conduct the examination as claimed by the APPSC.
Also responding to the public opinion that they are not “serious candidates,” a representative of the candidates said the protesting candidates include state toppers, JRF qualifiers, IITians and those who have reached the viva voce conducted not only by the APPSC but the UPSC, as well.
He said the protesting candidates are prepared to give the mains examination even at a day’s notice, provided the commission settles the case. He cited the Assam civil services scam involving the arrest and dismissal of several selected officers.
The candidates also said if the health of Tuter Gao, who is on a hunger strike, comes to a risk the APPSC would be held responsible for it.
Gao has been on an indefinite hunger strike since the evening of 15 November.
Earlier, speaking to this daily, Gao said he is on hunger strike by choice, and that this was the only option left to make the commission take note of their plea.
“If we were not serious about this, then we would have given up a long time ago and I would not be sitting here on a hunger strike,” Gao said.
He informed that there were others who wanted to join but said adding too many people on the hunger strike would “immobilize” their movement.
A team of health experts, magistrate and police is monitoring Gao every two to three hours.