World’s largest bamboo Buddha statue consecrated

[Indrajit Tingwa]

TENGAPANI/NOI-CHEYNAM, Nov 17: The world’s largest bamboo Buddha statue, Lubhamuni, was consecrated at Noi-Cheynam, opposite the Golden Pagoda here in Namsai district, during a three-day festival which concluded on Friday.
Built by nine master craftsmen from Shan state, Myanmar, in a span of seven months and twenty days, it is the 111th bamboo Buddha in the world and currently the highest at a height of 42.7 feet.
The bamboo Buddha is installed inside the premises of the Vipassana Meditation Centre, and is religiously named ‘Fra Sutongpey Lubhamuni’.
The statue was consecrated by Chongkham MLA Chow Tewa Mein and his family.
The event also featured the dedicating of a water fountain in front of the Lubhamuni Buddha, a procession, and Kathina Civara Dana ritual.
Two renowned monks from Myanmar, Ven Sao Sokham and Ven Kovida, also arrived during the festival, and devotees from many parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam thronged to get their blessings.
The two monks are known for their mastery in the art of Vipassana mediation.
Earlier on 15 November, images of the Buddha, along with kalpatrus (money trees), were taken on a procession, and in the evening there was a cultural programme which included the display of the Tai Khamti Pung (traditional dance-drama), while at least four groups of women devotees weaved monk robes throughout the intervening night as a mark of Kathina Civara Dana.
The MLA termed the festival a great success, and expressed joy at the huge number of devotees who participated.