Reform the recruitment process

Dear Editor,
The prior (tentative) date and timing including criteria, subject and scope of subject is as much important as the examination itself in any recruitment process. The provision of tentative examination date and timing is very significant because it permits the serious candidates to prepare as per the availability of time period at their disposal amidst daily busy lives. In short it permits the candidate to take maximum time out from daily busy lives for the preparation.
However, it has been seen that in our state recruitment conducted by APSC and departments have not been provided with tentative date and timing for the examination neither at the time of advertisement nor immediately afterwards. Later, the examination is conducted at their own whims. Sometimes, they take years while sometimes they conduct the examination within a very short period.
With such practice of recruitment, idea of selecting serious and meritorious candidate is itself defeated.
Therefore, I would also like to urge the APSC and various existing government department in the state to bring a reform in the recruitment process by simply providing tentative date & timing of the examination (interview) in the advertisement itself or immediately afterwards taking into consideration the merits it have and benefit it will be to serious aspirants.