Early transfers in Panchayat Department

Dear Editor,
I failing to understand what does Civil Service transfer/posting rule in Arunachal Pradesh say. I do not understand why the Director under the department of Panchayati Raj, government of Arunachal Pradesh cannot complete three years tenure? I could not understand why government is showing so much interest in transferring the Director Panchayati Raj keeping asides other department? Or someone within department is playing dirty politics of transferring able Directors with the help of mighty above, so that he can run the department as per his whims and fancies? I still remember the day when the former Director, Kento Danggen was transferred within a short period of four months to which All Arunachal Pradesh Panchayat Parishad also reacted. Now, again the same story repeats. the outgoing Director, Repo Ronya have been handed over his transfer order through WhatsApp messanger before the expiry of one year, when he was away from home state attending a review meeting for the programme called People’s Plan Campaign. What are the merits of transferring these officers within short span of time? The rotational transfer policy of the government is to harmonise the objectives of the institutional memories and for ensuring overall growth of the officer. Just to the contrary, the transfer/posting in the department of Panchayati Raj is becoming a childish play.
The recent transfer of the Director Panchayati Raj is really unfortunate. When the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, government of India has been campaigning for People’s Plan Campaign under gram panchayat development plan scheduled from 2nd October to 31st December 2018 and instructed the state to collect the base data’s of all 1785 Gram Panchayat through Mission Anthodaya parameters, when the work was going in full swing under the captainship of the Director who was also a State Nodal Officer for the programme, all of the sudden speed breaker like transfer order to the Director Panchayati Raj was released from respected Chief Secretarary’s office. It is further unfortunate to witness the passing of transfer order via Whats App.
Today, under the leadership of Outgoing Director Repo Ronya almost 90% works has been accomplished, it reached up to this per cent of success because of his ability to guide its employee in right direction and right timing. Now only almighty knows who will guide its employee for accomplishing remaining work.
It is also learnt from one of the state resource persons that 8 numbers of Mobile tablet was approved by the government under the leadership of outgoing Director for the state resource persons for data entry purpose. However, only two persons have been provided with those facilities and remaining resource persons have been kept aloof from it. Why all this activities are happening in the department of Panchayati Raj? Is it because the Director who kept vigilance to its entire employee are now out of sight?
My only request to the Secretary RD & PR is that, never let your department down by sending transfer order to able Directors like Repo Ronya through whatsapp messanger and please equip all the state resource persons with facilities as approved by your respected government so that they can carry their further work.
A citizen