Rethink the strategy

The recent alleged army atrocity on civilian at Longding district is classic example of the misuse of the provision under Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). The villagers of Longkhojan in Longding district were reportedly tortured and harassed by the army officials. Several people including priest of the village church was allegedly beaten up and made to stand outside whole night. This incident comes just days after army and civilian authorities violently clashed in Bomdila. Both the incident has outraged the civil society and political parties. National People’s Party (NPP) while condemning the incident urged state government to initiate action against personnel involved in the incident. Lokh Sabha Member of Parliament from eastern parliamentary constituency Ninong Ering has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi drawing attention towards atrocities on citizen.
Even though political parties and citizens may cry for justice, nothing will happen in reality. Districts like Tirap, Changlang and Longding (TCL) is covered under AFSPA. This act provides immunity to the army. But they should understand that unless they win hearts of citizen the battle against insurgency will remain difficult. Most of the Arunachalee people including those from troubled districts of TCL are very patriotic and peace loving. People of state have immense faith on army. However incidents like Bomdila and Longding puts army in wrong spotlight. No doubt they works in very difficult atmosphere but it does not justify the acts of torturing the innocent civilians. They need to rethink their strategy. Army cannot operate in Arunachal Pradesh like way they do in states like J&K, Manipur, etc. History and situation is quite different.