Be part of the change

Dear Editor,
It is time to ponder deeply over our electoral behaviour with respect to upcoming State Assembly Election-2019 as to how judiciously to exercise our franchise to bring about reformation in politics.
Politics is one the greatest mechanisms to bring about inclusive and holistic development.
It is matter of fact that money and muscle politics still dominate electoral scene in Arunachal politics.
Everyone starts to see the politics as source of money generation. Morality in politics is fading away from the mind.
It is facile to think and talk for the reformation of political malfunctioning. But, it will remain in an illusion unless we are gearing up to be the part of the change.
There is clearly a manifestation of collective frustration among the youth. This youth unrest is due to unemployment of the educated, corrupt and discredited authority, administrative failure and political ineffectiveness.
Power is seen as private property, not as responsibility and service. Those in power seek to perpetuate their power. Public wealth is appropriated by a class of bureaucrats and politicians. Govt policies are not open to public debate and question. There are copied and pasted policies and programmes with poor achievement and promises are endlessly postponed.
It is an example of what Robert Michel says ” Iron of Oligarchy”, where same class of elite rules the society in rotation with power of money and muscle.
Politics is not a philosophy but social laboratory.
This needs to be tested, reconfirmed through trial and error. Election is the litmus test to find out sanctity of politicians in terms of their quality performance and development.
Lessons need to be drawn from the recent past experiences- decades of economic and political crisis. We need to initiate the paradigm shift in the way we look the politics. This time young and energetic leaders who are well versed with social knowledge and scientific outlook should be given the helm of political affairs. So- outdated and defunct politicians are advised to take rest.
We have to carefully choose our leaders.
Kengo Dirchi
Disi Village